Ajubeo Receives Additional Funding to Support Growth

In this current economic climate, companies that experience any quarterly growth are moving in the right direction.  Colorado’s cloud infrastructure provider Ajubeo, however, is pushing the envelope and reaching new heights.  In fact, the company has experienced 600 percent quarterly revenue growth over the last 12 months.

As a result of this dramatic growth, Ajubeo has received additional funding from the Grey Mountain Partners, a private equity firm located out of Boulder, Colo.  This capital is expected to support the strong demand that Ajubeo is currently experiencing, while providing options for additional expansion.  It will be used to fund more enterprise-class virtual data centers, virtual desktops, backup and restore-as-a-service, and disaster recovery-as-a-service.

Most notably, the company will use the additional funding it receives from the Grey Mountain Group to facilitate expansion into the greater New York metropolitan area.  The funding will be used to create more jobs in the industry as additional staffing will be required.  It will also be used to support new sales and marketing initiatives, as well as the creation of innovative new products.

A provider of high-performance virtual data centers and cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, Ajubeo is benefitting from the strong wave of companies that are now leasing—instead of purchasing—the equipment required to power cloud services.  Ajubeo provides all of the hardware needed to facilitate efficient cloud usage, such as servers, racks, cables, switches and routers.  The company also gives partners the expertise needed to properly manage this equipment.

Clients, therefore, receive a 100 percent uptime solution.  This uptime is currently measured at twice the performance of other market shares that are currently available, such as Amazon Web Services. Companies that partner with Ajubeo will gain flexible infrastructure needed to support the scaling and integration needed at the enterprise class level.

To learn more about Ajubeo, visit www.ajubeo.com.


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